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Hi there lovebug, my name is victoria rose haney, im currently 17, but my brithday is on may 5th. i go to west. senior11'! im taken since 2-20-09. and inlove with michael ever since. ♥ [[drh && eds]] my parents are the best. i also have the best friend ever, chelsea rose. i love my life and live it everyday. ilove♥makeup. this blog will be mostly on makeup and fashion hauls. or my normal life.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's in my Pruse / Handbag. (:

i told you guys that i would list everything that was in my bag, soo. . . here i go. (:
1. my school scheadules.
2.my phone charger.
3.skull shoestring / headband.
4.book. [a million little peices.]
5.eyeglass case.
7.pink hairbrush.
8.silver ring.
9.insane clown posse wallet.
10.banana clip.
11.phone. (: ring ring.

[makeup bag.]
1.kabuki brush.
2.eyelash curler.
3.elf eyeshadow duo. white / silver.
4.eyelid primer.
6.clinique lotion.
7.two inhalers.
8.wet to dry foundation.
9.clinique mirror / brush duo.
11.wet n' wild lipstick, in light berry frost.
12.clinique makeup remover.
13.black stick liner.
14.elf makeup brush.
15.clinque lipstick / lipgloss duo.
16.clinque mascara.
17.revlon show stopper copper brozer.
18clinque face soap.
19.pink me up lip shine by, victoria secert.
20.clinque moisture surge.
21. black eyeshadow.
22.silver shimmer powder.
23.allergy pill.
24.eyeliner sharper.
25.sally girl, purple baked eyeshadow.

[a million little peices.]
by, James Frey.

It tells the story of a 23-year-old alcoholic and drug abuser and how he copes with rehabilitation in a Twelve Steps-oriented treatment center.