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Hi there lovebug, my name is victoria rose haney, im currently 17, but my brithday is on may 5th. i go to west. senior11'! im taken since 2-20-09. and inlove with michael ever since. ♥ [[drh && eds]] my parents are the best. i also have the best friend ever, chelsea rose. i love my life and live it everyday. ilove♥makeup. this blog will be mostly on makeup and fashion hauls. or my normal life.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[[ Thrifty. ]] Outfit of the Dayy.

[[ i got my cross necklace for free from my mother's consignment shop. (: ]]

[[ i got my shirt from my mother's consignment shop for free! ]]

[[ i got my silver scarf from my mothers consignment shop for free! ]]

[[ i got my black levi jeans from kohl's for 31.50 ]]

[[ i got sandles from shoe depo for 14.98. ]]