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Hi there lovebug, my name is victoria rose haney, im currently 17, but my brithday is on may 5th. i go to west. senior11'! im taken since 2-20-09. and inlove with michael ever since. ♥ [[drh && eds]] my parents are the best. i also have the best friend ever, chelsea rose. i love my life and live it everyday. ilove♥makeup. this blog will be mostly on makeup and fashion hauls. or my normal life.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hi There.

if your reading this im pretty sure you know my name, victoria rose haney. i was born on may 5th 1993, i was a premie i was 2 pounds 2 oz. being 5 months early can do that to you. haha, to be born so small i look at myself today and say "what the hell happened?" hahah. my parents names are dona and dale. i love my parents, they are my best friends. i can tell them anything, i spend alot of time with my mother but i wish i got to spend more time with my father, but life goes on. what can you do. my mother is a proud owner of a little dress shop, 'the trifty diva' of ocean isle beach. and my father is a crane op. he works all around the world. (: im very proud of my parents. they are my best friends. i still live with my parents, and without them i dont know where id be. my friends, family, and close loved ones make me who i am. theres a little background of my life, now get to know me how i am today. (: